R & M Chartered Accountants

A brief introduction to us

R & M is a firm of Chartered Accountants which specialises in forensic accountancy/expert witness work and pre-litigation investigations. The firm is based in Manchester and London but works all over the UK and Isle of Man.

Whilst the practice has only been established as a niche firm since 1st November 2003, Steve Redhead, the managing partner, has specialised in this field of work for over 25 years. He has previously been a partner in top four firm Deloitte. He has worked in the profession for some 40 years.

We can be appointed for the Claimant, the Defendant or as a Single Joint Expert, but emphasise that our responsibility in every case is to the Court.

Further, we have vast experience and expertise in all types of litigation work. Our services are detailed later on, dealing with civil, matrimonial and criminal proceedings.

Those who know us, use us and trust us

Our goals are to provide our clients with the best possible service, with concise, clear and understandable reports, prepared expeditiously and timeously. Each case is considered on the basis that it may ultimately proceed to trial. We provide realistic cost estimates where possible.