Most of our cases settle before Trial. No case is too big or too small. In extremely large criminal cases we have the ability to draw upon our associates in Leeds if required.

We have an excellent reputation in the following areas:

1. Commercial

- Consequential loss of profits
- Breach of warranty/contract
- Business interruption claims
- Shareholder/partnership disputes
- Product liability
- Business and share valuations

2. Criminal (legally aided and private work undertaken)

- Fraud
- Money Laundering
- Theft
- False Accounting
- Blackmail
- Confiscation Orders
- Investigations into contravention of regulatory authority rules
- HMRC Investigations
- VAT Investigations

3. Personal Injury/Fatality/Medical Negligence

4. Matrimonial

- Business and share valuations
- Collaborative family law accreditation (Cambridge)
- Sources of Funding the settlement
- Taxation issues

5. Professional Negligence

- Quantum in any case
- Liability in accountancy matters

6. Loss of pension and other benefits

7. DTI director disqualifications

8. DTI investigations under of the Companies Act 2006

9. Appointments under ICAEW President's Appointments Scheme